Commercial Insurance

Business Insurance

Businesses in Texas are extremely diverse and, due to our operating environment, are exposed to many unique risks.  A comprehensive commercial property insurance package from Elite Insurance Group is an essential part of dealing with those risks.  In the event of a covered loss, your commercial property insurance will protect your insured buildings, business personal assets, enabling you to recoup from any catastrophe. 

Types of Business insurance products in Texas include:​

  • Business Owners Packages (BOP)

  • Commercial Auto

  • Business Personal Property

  • Business Umbrella Policies

  • Restaurants

  • Errors and Omissions

  • Equipment Floater

  • Risk Management

  • Workers Compensation

  • General Liability

    • Contractors

    • Retail Stores

    • Plumbers

    • Professional Offices

    • Property Managers & Owners

    • Electricians

  • Commercial Building Property

    • Apartment Owners

    • Self Storage

    • Condominium Owners

    • Store & Lock Centers

    • Retail Stores

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have a business in Texas it is likely you own one or more vehicles in partnership with that business.  Whether it's a pickup for your delivery business or a fleet of semi trucks and trailers used to haul heavy loads, The Elite Insurance Group can put together a comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance package that is custom-fit to your specific needs. 

Commercial General Liability Insurance

The Elite Insurance Group knows that having the right general liability insurance coverage will protect your business in case of litigation.  General liability insurance will pay losses arising from real or alleged bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury arising from your direct or indirect action.



Some of the coverages available under a general liability policy from Elite Insurance Group include but are not limited to:

  • Negligence

  • Contractual Liability

  • Bodily Injury

  • Damage to the property of others

  • Product Liability